Going on a training journey with Ostara will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. It will bring a renewed focus or a new direction to the outcomes you seek. It will enable you to create a new lifestyle for yourself, take a team to exceptional levels of performance and/or enable organisations to create and seize opportunities. As a by-product, during the training itself, you will be making change happen for you, your team or your organisation. We will be available to you after any training programmes to provide advice and guidance.

Taking you to total mastery

Ostara will take you from an entry-level, where you may have little or no experience of the strategies, tools and technologies we will impart to you, through to complete and total mastery.


Our NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching and Time Line TherapyTM courses are all accredited which means you will get internationally accepted certificates enabling you to demonstrate competence and application at the highest level.


All our qualifications are split into a Practitioner and Master Practitioner level. You need to complete the Practitioner level first before proceeding to the Master Practitioner level. The NLP (i.e. Practitioner and Master Practitioner) certificates need to be completed before the relevant Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy courses. The NLP Coach certification then follows at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels as it allows you to apply everything that has gone before in a coaching setting.


Some of our clients choose to immerse themselves by completing all the trainings in close succession whereas others will choose to leave gaps between the trainings enabling them to practise the techniques. Both approaches work and we enable you to take a pick ’n’ mix journey that is suited to your needs.  We also work with clients who may have completed some of their certifications with other providers and now want to work with Ostara-NLP.

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Make change happen now by coming on the Ostara Training Journey or by exploring the opportunity for delivery of bespoke training. Simply contact us to discuss.

"If one human has done it, that means it is humanly possible – and if it is humanly possible, any human being can learn to do it."

All our training courses are tailored to client needs and so contact us to discuss your specific requirements

"All genius, excellence and amazing achievement has structure and a strategy - and for this reason it can be learned."