Communication Mastery Bespoke Course

In simple terms, the definition of communication is: ‘it is the response that you get’. Whether it is your internal dialogue with yourself or how you are engaging with others, it is all about the result that you get. There is a direct and powerful relationship between communication and results. On this two-day course, you will see how high achievers attain excellence through their mastery of communication and will learn how to replicate this success. Communication mastery is one of the main differentiating factors between someone achieving their full potential or not. This course can be bespoken/tailored to meet your specific needs.

WHY should you attend?

Would you like to discover fast and powerful techniques to become a master communicator? Would you like to have the ability present to individuals and groups easily and confidently? Do you want to learn the secrets to building a deep rapport to influence, transform and negotiate effectively? Do you want to get people motivated and excited through the delivery of your message? Do you want to quickly understand what is driving a person or group so you can deliver your message with laser-guided precision? If your answer is “Yes” to any of these, the Communication Mastery training is for you.

WHAT scarce skills will you gain?

Through the Master Communicator Programme an individual or team can learn how to:

  • Become a master communicator in any setting
  • Recognise the preferred style of your audience and how to adjust or fine-tune your message so it is understood
  • Communicate effectively with yourself so you perform at your peak
  • Use fast and powerful questioning techniques so you can increase understanding of your audience’s needs
  • Use language masterfully to generate change and persuade with complete control
  • Develop and deliver compelling presentations/speeches and use the written word to get win-win outcomes
  • Build rapport effortlessly and develop quality relationships to influence, transform and negotiate with others plus resolve conflict easily
  • Prevent or avoid being manipulated, bullied or tricked in a negotiation
  • Prime someone so they are ready to make transformational change
  • Get people motivated or excited into taking action
  • Best convince, sell, negotiate, market, coach, and affect change through the structure and coding of your message


  • Deliver exciting and gripping presentations and training inputs through being articulate and entertaining
  • Manage your and your audience’s state, keeping their interest and landing your message.
  • The best way to sequence, chunk and prepare your presentations including the use of visuals, flip charts, exercises and notes to meet different styles
  • Recognise the game the other is playing so you can adjust accordingly
  • The best way to disagree whilst keeping rapport
  • Use metaphors and stories to get your message across
  • Read verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Handle difficult audiences, questions and objections
  • Undertake elegant negotiations using both vague and specific language patterns
  • Get the most out of meetings
  • Use a system that helps you structure your communication so it conforms to how listeners’ minds operate


Surveys show that more people are concerned about public speaking that they are most other things. Being able to communicate effectively is the cornerstone of success in any aspect of modern life. On this Communication Mastery Programme, you will model and develop the skills, beliefs, strategies, emotional states and language used by the most successful communicators throughout history. If you want to stand out from the crowd this is the course for you.

HOW can you access these valuable abilities?

By investing in yourself, your team or your organisation you can access tools and learn techniques that will be with you forever. This is a two-day course with personal learning so you can fully master the communication techniques that have been proved to deliver success time and again. You are supplied with a number of activities to complete prior to the course, and these will maximise your learning. We will identify your specific priorities and target elements of the programme to then meet your direct needs. During the course, you will experience active delivery and will fine-tune your personal style. Our teaching methods will ensure complete mastery and long-term memory so you embed the techniques at a deep neurological level: giving you access to the advanced skills in a split second.

WHAT IF you have any questions?

This training will benefit anyone that is interested in communicating successfully and with complete mastery. We know you will have questions and so contact us so we can discuss your exact needs.

Make change happen for you now.

"You cannot revolutionise your mind and your thoughts until you revolutionise the language that you use".

Noam Chomsky

All our programmes are tailored to client needs and so contact us to discuss your specific requirements

"Hear the meaning within the word."

William Shakespeare