Today, as you look for ways to carve a better future for your organisation in an ever competing and changing environment you have to have the leadership, culture, teams and individuals to succeed and thrive. All your activities and programmes need to be pointing in the right direction with everyone contributing to the health and wellbeing of your enterprise. Ostara, with its unique toolkits tailored to corporations, can assist you in either solving the small and large problems which stop you from being your best or if you are already succeeding we will help you to go from ‘great’ to ‘outstanding’. In working with a range of organisations we have identified 6 core success factors where we can help you. Contact Us now to understand how we can customise our corporate services to your need.

Clarity of Vision

If you don’t know where you are going your organisation is likely to end up somewhere else. Ostara has identified that many organisations have not identified nor articulated a clear vision for where they are going. A corporate vision has to be compelling and permeate every level of your organisation. Also, if effective communication and engagement with your people is not taking place then they will be pulling in different directions. Clarity of vision counts for everything. Ostara will assist you in bringing clarity and energy to your vision. We will then give you advanced communication tools to turn this vision into a reality for every part of your organisation. In particular, our Strategic Development and Cultural Transformation services blended elements of our Training and Coaching services will be of particular value to you. Contact Us to find out how we can customise our requirements to meet your specific needs.

 2. Corporate Values Alignment

Ostara has identified one of the main reasons why some organisations succeed and others struggle under the same conditions is down to values, beliefs and goals. In thriving organisations the top leadership team have their values, beliefs and goals aligned to their purpose and vision. These then cascade down and are aligned with everyone at every level. In failing organisations there are cultural clashes, personal agendas and people going after different things with this then permeating at every level. Ostara, through its training, coaching and consultancy services, will provide you with sustainable approaches to ensure you become or stay aligned to fulfil your  objectives and vision. Our Top Team Package, Executive / Leadership Coaching and Strategic Development services blended with corporate Training and Consultancy services will ensure your organisation runs with a single heartbeat.   Contact Us to find out how we can customise our requirements to meet your specific needs.

3. Investing in People for Peak Performance

In challenging times the first thing leaders say they will not skimp on is training and development. What is the first area that is often downsized? Yes, investment in our most important asset. True succession planning and the enhanced development of future pools of leaders, innovators, technical experts and contributors have also been found, by Ostara to be critical to organisational success. On the ‘global’ level Ostara can equip your people with the advanced peak performance techniques used by the elite in the fields of business, sports, arts and life through our corporate Training services. We also provide high-end Coaching services for leaders, managers and staff selected by you as key contributors to success. For the stars of the future we can put in place a Talent Management programme to ensure they deliver their full potential to the organisation.

4. Addressing Limitations

Ostara has identified that whilst often the ‘hard’ / technical skills are developed in people the ‘soft’ / enabling skills are often avoided. For example, we have seen many leaders have limiting beliefs around public speaking or selling. At the most intensive level we can deliver Personal Breakthrough sessions which addresses the vision and goals of an individual, gets rid of the things which may be holding them back and provides them with increased emotional and communication mastery. These can be delivered as part of a team or individual solution. We can also coach specifically for Resilience and provide customised Training in Communication, Leadership, Power, Sales, Change Management, Wellness as well as Accredited courses.

 5. Dealing with and Equipping for Change

The adage ‘change is a constant’ is often used in the corporate work. Change is necessary to thrive at a corporate, team and individual level. Ostara has identified that whilst project, programme and portfolio management are core capabilities there is more to invested in developing true change management skills. True success comes from having the skills to: create a guiding coalition; getting people to transform themselves and what they are doing; communicating and engaging effectively; and resilience. We deliver customised Change Management training, coaching and consultancy. We also provide training and coaching geared towards increasing resilience, a core attribute of change professionals. Ostara is all about making change happen whether it is at an organisation-wide, team-focussed or individual level.

6. Using Power

Power has become a dirty work in certain circles as a result of leadership and corporate failings in recent years. Ostara strongly believes it is not power that is the problem but people who have misused it for either personal gain, to feed their ego or to make unethical gains. This dark-side of leadership has tarnished the work power. Power is an essential skill to master in the modern world if organisations and people are to thrive. In all our training and coaching we combine strategies for growing powerful with advanced techniques including NLP, Hypnosis and TLT. In particular our Powerful People training can be customised to your organisation’s or individuals needs. You will gain the emotional mastery, communication skills and strategies for power that you will be able to deploy with superhuman and ethical dexterity. Organisations need to reimagine the importance of power if they are to truly succeed.

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“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get the results.”

Jack Dixon

“Strategic planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision.”

John Naisbitt