Master the Skills

On your training journey with Ostara you will gain ‘pure’ skills in the fields of peak performance and the science of excellence.  However, what use are skills if you don’t apply them?  On our training courses you will learn how to easily and effortlessly apply the tools and techniques you learn.  During the training input you and the people around you will undergo a positive personal transformation.  This experience in itself will give you the confidence and conviction to use what you gain in every area of your life and / or business.  You will also then be able to apply the learning to others who want to work with you.  So in simple terms on our training programmes you don’t just learn – you experience and make change happen for you and others.    We deliver accredited (ABNLP) courses in NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching and Time Line TherapyTM as well as specific courses which incorporate wellbeing and other peak performance tools.  The benefits of our training are many and varied with an immediately obvious impact on confidence, delivery, creativity, spirit, productivity, alignment and forward thinking.

Personal Experience

On our accredited or bespoke open public courses you will begin learning the fundamentals to personal power. You will gain tools to develop your mental toughness and to give you emotional mastery in a split second.

You will then apply transformational techniques to get rid of any limiting beliefs or habits, negative emotions and disempowering decisions that may hold you back. To give you a compelling future you will then set clear and compelling goals aligned to your vision and values. You will also learn how to model success by eliciting the strategies others are using. On top of all of this you will have learnt cutting edge communication and language techniques to build an easy rapport and to negotiate / influence effectively. These are the very same tools that experts in the fields of sports, politics, entertainment and business have learnt and applied.

Corporate / Team Experience

On our corporate or team training courses we will tailor and design the programme to meet your specific needs. At one end of the spectrum you will have a group learning experience which will help you to understand how you can best work as a team. At the other end of the spectrum you will shape your organisation’s strategy and values, ensuring the team is fully aligned and engaged. And Ostara offers everything else in between. You will learn techniques that will assist in effective negotiations, eliciting sales strategies, managing meetings, organisational wellbeing and advanced communication techniques. We can also expand the capacity of your organisation or team to deal with change and to prepare personnel for the future. The tools and techniques we will teach are the same ones that are trained in over a large majority of Fortune500 and FTSE250 companies plus used by the elite in sports and entertainment.

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"When you want new results, it requires new thinking."

Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP

All our programmes are tailored to client needs and so contact us to discuss your specific requirements

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

Dr. Seuss