Coaching: Peak Performance Delivery

A coaching journey with Ostara is about making change happen for you and to get you, your team and / or you organisation performing at the peak.  This can be in the context of your personal life, in the corporate / business world, in the fields of sport and the performing arts or in any other field.  In fact, an Ostara coaching process will see us work with you to deliver changes quickly that will transform every aspect of your world.

Questions are the Answer

Are you getting what you want?  Do you have the outcomes you deserve right now?  Are you, your team or your organisation achieving their full potential?  Coaching is an extremely powerful way to achieve the best in your professional and personal life.  It is one of the most cost effective ways to make a difference and we work efficiently with you on your priorities.

Our Approach

Ostara is not about long-term therapy and dependency: we get in, sort out with you what we need to sort out and then let you thrive.  Occasionally you may come back to work with us to test your progress or to get a ‘top up’ of motivation or direction.

Personal Coaching

In a One-to-One coaching relationship with Ostara we will start by bringing focus on your purpose and identifying what may be holding you back plus bringing clarity to your values. This could be in any context. Having understood your needs we will then identify whether you need some very focussed specific work or if a more far reaching Personal Breakthrough Session is required. We will assist you in modelling success; strengthening your skills and ‘blowing out’ anything that may be holding you back. We will create a personal roadmap with you where you have clear goals and outcomes, supported by the appropriate flexible behaviours, to ensure you live your deepest values. Be it improving your personal relationships, getting the edge in the corporate world or simply improving your performance in public speaking, sports or the arts we will assist you. Coaching will provide you with the ‘edge’ you deserve and give you to power to get to the top and stay there.

Team Coaching

In a corporate or sports setting we will work with teams to identify how, together, they can deliver more than the individual parts. We will conduct an audit with individual team members, understand

your common vision and then put in place a programme to take you to the next level. For each individual we will put in place a tailored coaching plan to ensure their strengths are maximised and any weaknesses addressed. At the team level we will put in place group coaching so together you achieve exponentially more. In a business or corporate setting we will align personal values to organisational values, set clear personal and organisational goals and deal with any barriers. In a sports or performing arts setting we will ensure that your team or group have access to leading edge technologies that will result in you excelling and leaving the competition behind. We can also provide specific skills in sports coaching, mental toughness, corporate wellbeing, negotiating and influencing and selling.

Personal Breakthrough

A Personal Breakthrough Session is a unique and intensive one-to-one development programme specifically designed and tailored to meet and address individual concerns and needs. It focuses on finding out exactly what you want from life, who you are and what you want to be and what you want to achieve. It identifies and removes the barriers, limiting beliefs and deeply embedded behavioural strategies that may have held you back and constrained you in achieving your full potential. It sets compelling goals and embeds new resources and strategies that you can access when you need. In simple terms Personal Breakthrough Sessions are a ‘spring clean’ for the mind and can be used in any area of your life, from personal relationships, career, business development, personal development, health / well-being through to fitness and sport.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is important for a number of reasons. First, investment in people’s careers is more important than ever and coaching provides on the most powerful ways to keep the best people by investing and developing them. Second, it delivers sustainable change by constantly getting people to raise their game and to embed new skills, beliefs and values that align to the corporate mission. Third, it is immersive as it deals with the individual or team in a wider context than just work. As a result it unlocks a person’s or teams’ potential to maximise performance.

Coaching Cycle

The skills we pass to you in the coaching sessions will be available to you at all times.  At the end of the coaching cycle you will have complete self-mastery: being laser-guided in your focus whilst having complete flexibility to deal with opportunities and obstacles with effortless ease.

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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."


All our programmes are tailored to client needs and so contact us to discuss your specific requirements

"It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be."

Paul Arden